A Family Advocate’s Success Story

April’s Success Story: A Mother’s Resilience

The following success story has been modified to keep confidential identifying information protected:

Spanish speaking family came into the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) confused and not knowing how to cope with everything that had brought them to the CAC. However, they were greeted with a big smile by the Client Relations Specialist, Liz, and the Bilingual Family Advocate, Yarabi. Although there were medical complications that the child was experiencing, when mom realized she would be able to communicate with someone, it made her feel more at ease. Mom was distraught to find out what had happened to her daughter, but she showed strength and held it together for her daughter.

Bilingual Family Advocate walked alongside mom and daughter the entire time while at the CAC, translating, communicating, and advocating for them both. Mom had many questions but was afraid to ask them, however, FA encouraged her to ask without any fear as it pertained to her daughter’s health. Mom was unsure of certain steps within the process, which is when FA would step in again and make sure that the investigating parties heard mom and respected her and her daughter’s wishes.

After leaving the center, mom had another incident occur, but the Child Crisis Unit detective, Paula Maker, was there to assist her and encourage mom to stand up for herself. Detective Maker went out of her way to ensure mom’s and daughter’s safety. Mom’s car then broke down before coming back to the CAC for another check-up, FA provided a Lyft to and from the CAC as well as the OU Schusterman Clinic.

Once mom got to the center the OU physician gave her daughter a clean bill of health! Child was no longer in pain and mom was told they would no longer need to visit the CAC after that day. Mom was so happy that the worst was behind them that she cried tears of happiness. Mom let FA know that she would not have done this without all the incredible people at the CAC. From the Client Relation Specialist (Liz) to Detective Maker and everyone in between. Mom stated that when she first walked into the CAC, she did not know what to expect nor where/when to catch her breath. However, after she was greeted by the bilingual staff with smiling faces, she felt she was safe and able catch her breath again. Mom stated that she had never met a more dedicated staff than the one she found at the CAC. Mom said she would forever hold the CAC staff in her heart as they advocated fiercely for her and her child and helped her when she couldn’t help herself. Mom is a hard-working individual from the Hispanic/Latinx community and thanks to the diversity within the CAC, mom was able to have all of her needs met, right down to her native language.

Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong. -Meg Lowrey

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