Keeping Your Child Safe at Summer Camp

Summer camp for kids can be some of the most enjoyable and memorable times of their childhood. But before you send them off to make memories, screen the camp to ensure they’re prepared to keep your child as safe as possible.
As a parent or guardian it’s important to know what policies and procedures a camp has in place to minimize the risk of sexual abuse. Here’s a list of recommended questions, from Dr. Jackie Humans, to ask in screening a summer camp for safety:
1. Are criminal background checks performed?
2. How are potential employee references checked?
3. What sexual abuse training is provided?
4. How are campers made aware of what to do if they feel unsafe?
5. When are staffers allowed to be alone with campers? The answer should be never!
6. How does the camp monitor behavior between older campers and their younger peers?
7. Are at least two adults assigned to sleep in each cabin?
8. Who is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations?

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