Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer’s here in Oklahoma! As temperatures climb, keep your kids safe from heat-related risks with these essential tips from Healthy Children, and Dr. Beeson with the Team for Children at Risk. Stay cool and stay safe!

Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car: The inside of a car can become dangerously hot in just a short amount of time, even with the windows open.

Stay Hydrated: Encourage your children to drink water frequently and have it readily available—even before they ask for it.

Create a Cool Environment: if you do not have access to A/C in the home, find public places that have air conditioning including community centers, stores, liBraries, museums, etc.

Dress Lightly: Light-colored clothing can help kids stay cool and prevent heat stress from excessive heat absorption. Also try to choose loose fitting clothing—ideally that offers both adequate ventilation and protection against direct sun exposure.

Plan for Extra Rest Time: Heat can often make children (and their parents) feel tired. High heat can not only cause people to feel tired, but it may also contribute to irritability. Come inside regularly to cool off, rest and drink water.

Cool off with Water: Swimming is a great way to cool off while staying active! Remember that children should always be supervised while swimming or playing in water to prevent drowning.

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