Local Retailers Hosting Donation Boxes

The number of children receiving services through the Child Abuse Network in October 2019 (when children were in a normal school environment) was 46% higher than the monthly average for the year. The most likely reason is because by October school is in full swing and teachers, who are a primary source of child abuse reports, are becoming more familiar with their students and able to recognize warning signs of abuse and neglect.

Due to an anticipated higher than average volume expected at the Child Abuse Network, CAN has teamed up with four local retailers to help us #comfortkids by collecting new stuffed animals and blankets through donation boxes at each location. These retailers are also local businesses that stock the items we’re requesting. By purchasing your donated goods through them, you’re not only supporting CAN, but also supporting local Tulsa businesses.

Retailers hosting donation boxes are:

  • KIDDLESTIX, 3815 S. Harvard Ave
  • LOLLY GARDEN, in Utica Square
  • STASH, 3734 S. Peoria
  • STASH SOUTH, 9918 Riverside Pkwy.

Or you can drop donations off directly to the Child Abuse Network, 2829 S. Sheridan Rd. during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.