Recognizing Symptoms of Heat Illness

 Recognizing heat illness symptoms is crucial.

Signs of heat illness include:
feeling faint
muscle craps
intense thirst
muscle spasm
not urinating for a prolonged amount of time
extreme tiredness
muscle aches
skin numbness or tingling
breathing faster or deeper than normal

Heat Rash: Sweat trapped under the skin can cause red, itchy bumps. Loose, light clothing and cool baths can help.

Heat Syncope: Dizziness or lightheadedness during activity. Move to a cool area and drink electrolyte drinks.

Seek medical help to rule out heat stroke. If your child shows signs, stop activity, move to shade or AC, remove extra clothing, and hydrate with chilled electrolyte drinks like sports drinks.

source: healthy children; Dr. Beeson- Team for Children at Risk

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